Food is a very important part of holiday and relaxation – you should look forward to the meal – it shall be an event. This we know all about and we take care of it. To our international menu and fresh, local food you will enjoy, we invite you to our bar for the proper drinks.

Of course our specialty is sea food, as it’s less than 100 meter from where the fishermen enter the beach to our kitchen. The Catch of the Day can be everything from prawns or lobster, to shark or barracuda. Bon apetit!


The other great advantage with our restaurant is the marvelous view. During the meal you are overlooking the lagoon and the ocean.

Additionally, our hygiene is of Norwegian standard, which means that you safely can eat even our wonderful salads.

Our chefs have been working for us for more than ten years and they are always eager to do their very best for all our guests. And they get very good feedback Many guests have told us that they need more than a week to enjoy all the dishes. Others do also insist on that we have the best food along their journey! We love to hear that!


Our guest’s favourite dishes are our sea food. The fishermen are coming straight from the fishing to our kitchen, just a hundred meters from their boats.
Another speciality is some few Norwegian dishes: Norwegian Fish Cakes with Zanzibarian Spices and not least: Norwegian Waffles, which we like to cover with our lovely ice cream.

Please have a look at the menu with our specialties
The prices are very reasonable, approximately lowest prices are like this:
1. STARTERS from 10 000 TZS (4 USD)
2. MAIN DISHES from 22 000 TZS (9 USD)
3. DESERT from 10 000 TZS (4 USD)
5. CHILDREN’S MENU from 5 000 TZS (2 USD)