The big change of the property by the lagoon in Mlingotini Village started in 2007. Solfrid from Norway, immediately named Mama Bomani among the villagers, started to construct bungalows and to establish the hotel Her mail goal was to become a friend of the villagers and to make tourists from all over the world experience the friendly people in the village. Then to make sure everybody could enjoy also the tranquillity of the environment at the hotel and not least in the lagoon.
Since then thousands of guests have been enjoying the place, and the Bomani Team together with the villagers are the clear reason for that. Many of the customers show their satisfaction with coming back, again and again.
Part of our enjoyment is the environment in the garden:

Part of our enjoyment is the environment in the garden


Guests as well as The Team and the villagers do all love the garden  at Bomani Beach. Relaxation and enjoyment all the day.

To support the villagers more than employing them and buying from their shops and from the fishermen, we have established a fond.
Thanks to all the supporters of the fond, we are able to make a difference in the village:

Sharing for life is politically and religiously neutral

One of the major and important projects that have been awaiting the rehabilitation of the school. Parts of the building can no longer be used for school purposes, which means that some classes have up to 80 students in the same classroom. There are a total of 450 students and 11 teachers at the school.


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Bomani Beach Bungalows collaborates with the travel agency Pearl Journeys. One of the destinations is Bomani Beach Bungalows. Watch  the video for more information.