The Restaurant

Food is a very important part of holiday and relaxation – you should look forward to the meal – it shall be an event. This we know all about and we take care of it. To our international menu and fresh, local food you will enjoy, we invite you to our bar for the proper drinks. Of course our specialty is sea food, as it’s less than 100 meter from where the fishermen enter the beach to our kitchen. The Catch of the Day can be everything from prawns or lobster, to shark or barracuda. Bon apetit!

The other great advantage with our restaurant is the marvelous view. During the meal you are overlooking the lagoon and the ocean.

Additionally, our hygiene is of Norwegian standard, which means that you safely can eat even our wonderful salads.

Local food

For the one who want to learn how the local food is prepared, you can do this together with some women from the village, just outside our local house in our compound. There your prepare the chicken, the coconut, beans, vegetables and fruits. Ugali is also on this menu, which is a pourage from maize flower. This is a very common dish for Tanzanians all over the country.

When the food is ready, it’s your chice if you want to enjoy it on the ground – completely local style, or if you prefer to get u\it served in the restaurant. .


Will be varied depending on season

Bomani Beach Bungalows in  cooperation
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Mlingotini Village, Tanzania